Brutal #2: Stripped

Brutal is an independent publication where every issue is unique and original in both content and design. It is a collaborative world that showcases talent from different creative industries through the lens of food and fashion. At Brutal theres is no dichotomy between the beautiful and the weird. Brutal #1 was dedicated to Celebration and was launched in August 2014.

Contributors: Camille Becerra – James Betz & Eleven Madison Park – Elana Carlson – The Coffee Collective – Christian F. Puglisi – Claudia Ficca – Gerardo Gonzalez – Christine Hahn – Mags Harries – Osma Harvilathi – Greg Heinz – Kalen Hollomon – Lauren Levinger – Davide Luciano – Christopher Mac Aoidh – Sergio Mejia – Kristy Mucci – Kyrre Skjelby Kristoffersen – Gerald Renaud – Lexie Smith – Oliver Strand – David Tanis – Abigail Varney – Sigurd Widenfalk


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